Confident in my 501's!



My 501’s -- even when I am too lazy to hang them up, they still land on my floor totally cute!

When you love a pair of jeans as much as I love these, you would be surprised how versatile they become. 

From a plane to a cocktail party -- they are my secret weapon.  You can’t believe how dressy these jeans are when paired with a lacy top and some hot sexy pumps or go for a confident rock n roll look with some low boots, t-shirt, blazer and rocking layered necklace. You can even style them out hippy chic with some sandals and a flowy tunic. 

When you read the book or you follow along on my blog you may find that I do love fashion.  And when trying to make an impression, the most important thing is you feel confident when you are in a room, so if it is your favorite pair of old boyfriend jeans or your sexy black pants – work it and own it!