"That" Birthday, the real reason I wrote the book!

Have you ever been headed towards “one of those” birthdays, the age where you start to question yourself by measuring where you fell short?  We all have, you instantly call the Dr. for Botox, spend a fortune at every beauty supply store from here to tomorrow!

SOS mission critical – time for a hard-core self-analysis of my personal and career gains to find a reason to celebrate.  Something, anything or the woe is me, plan B, a 365-day pity party (filled with calls to ex-boyfriends, retail therapy, unshaven legs, lot’s of wine and a ton a complaining). 

Six months before “that” birthday, an associate begged me to write a book about how I use my humor and heart to win over others in business.  With my unique, quirky, neurotic nature (think love child from Amy Schumer and Larry David), and my Lucille Ball shenanigans – how hard can it be?

Three years later and a ton of soul searching, I was reminded I was a winner, not a loser. So I didn’t accomplish everything, like oops, I forgot to get married and have kids but did give birth to a 2 ½ lb. book, 300 pages long. 

 A published author, this is my birthday gift!  Now my family can run around and brag about me (or we can all hide under a rock)!



Confident in my 501's!



My 501’s -- even when I am too lazy to hang them up, they still land on my floor totally cute!

When you love a pair of jeans as much as I love these, you would be surprised how versatile they become. 

From a plane to a cocktail party -- they are my secret weapon.  You can’t believe how dressy these jeans are when paired with a lacy top and some hot sexy pumps or go for a confident rock n roll look with some low boots, t-shirt, blazer and rocking layered necklace. You can even style them out hippy chic with some sandals and a flowy tunic. 

When you read the book or you follow along on my blog you may find that I do love fashion.  And when trying to make an impression, the most important thing is you feel confident when you are in a room, so if it is your favorite pair of old boyfriend jeans or your sexy black pants – work it and own it!

Writing is friggen hard! (don't let the smile on my face fool you) xo

It seems like an impossible task looking back at this project. The time and patience it takes to write a book while painting a picture with words turned into a massive 52,350 word puzzle.  This book started with 168 sections narrowed down to 132. I can’t even name a 132 people off the top of my head!

I remember when I worked at a Film studio – our department would have on average ten scripts each weekend to take home to read and decide the potential fate of someone’s career. If I were ever to run a studio today, I would require that each person making a decision on what script to buy should have all written a script at one time or another to appreciate how much blood sweat and tears had gone it to finishing it.

Somehow in college, I weaseled by in my screenwriting class with an A-. Yes, I said it an A, but not to worry, my D in another course averaged me right back to a C-student. As our final I had to write a screenplay –God knows where that script is, what a hot mess and a waste of paper.  I did an adaptation of a Danielle Steele novel, really Danielle Steele? OY! My best girlfriend and I had taken the class together, we were troublemakers, constantly chit-chatting in the back of class but the teacher liked us, he thought we were funny. He liked us enough to hire us to baby sit his kid, then he told us that we didn’t even need to type up our scripts we could just turn them in in our own handwriting. Well, I couldn’t read my writing, so I paid a word processor to do it just in case. 

Regardless of how hard and consuming it was to write my book and for months it even had taken over my house with nothing but pieces of paper, tape and post-its leaving me with no view of the outside world; it was worth it! The rewards and joy I had working with my fabulous girls with endless giggle fits and late nights, still leaves a permagrin on my face!

Future CEO's???


Chanel Girls!

Future CEO’s or Future monsters? Fucking adorable either way!

3 reasons I vote for CEO's:

1.     If they want the real thing they will have to work for it.

2.     If they are over Chanel at the age of 3, they will want the next best thing.

3.     Already confident enough to walk around as purses, they will be confident enough to go for it in        business!